Medical Waste and Compliance Made EZ!

From private practices to healthcare facilities with thousands of employees, EZ Green Waste handles medical and hazardous waste disposal with accuracy and speed. We are able to deliver prompt and reliable services at a fair price.

We were founded as an OSHA compliance service provider for the health-care professional, emphasizing service and support. Our full-service programs are designed to help protect our customers and their employees against potential liabilities and injuries associated with the handling, transportation, and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our integrated service includes regulated medical waste collection, transportation, treatment, disposal reduction, and reuse and recycling services. We also offer training and educational programs, consulting services and product sales.

Decades of experience

We ensure clients’ complete regulatory compliance and proper handling and disposal of medical and hazardous waste. With decades of experience, our compliance staff are well versed with state and federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of biohazardous waste. EZ Green is dedicated to helping organizations understand these regulations and we help keep you compliant.

What you’re quoted is what you pay – No hidden fees!

Don’t get nickel and dimed by administrative, fuel, energy and other hidden fees! EZ Green Waste customers will only pay exactly what they are quoted. No extra charges. No hidden fees.

Simple billing validated by completed manifests

EZ Green Waste accurately documents and tracks our clients’ medical waste. Required shipping manifests, tracking systems and more come packaged with our outstanding medical waste disposal and healthcare compliance services.

Exceptional customer service

Our customer service team and medical waste compliance specialists know the importance of attending to the needs of our customers.

About Us

Mission Statement

EZ Green Waste helps make medical waste disposal and compliance easy!

Decades of experience

EZ Green ensures our clients complete regulatory compliance and proper handling and disposal of your medical waste. With decades of experience combined, our compliance staff are well versed with state and federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of biohazardous waste, which can often be confusing. We’re dedicated to helping you understand these regulations.

The following are the six types of medical waste (read more about this below) that are regulated by the United States government:

Human blood and blood products including discarded waste human blood.
Sharps including hypodermic needles, scalpels, blood vials and syringes.
Cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals.
Human pathological wastes including tissue, organs, and body parts.
Animal waste including carcasses, body parts, body fluids.
Potentially infectious waste.

Our compliance staff are dedicated to helping clients determine the best course of action to undertake depending on the types of medical waste produced by your facility.

EZ compliance specialists support our clients by providing responsive, professional and compliant medical waste services including an all-inclusive compliance training program.

Required Compliance Training
Supplemental Services
HIPAA Training
OSHA Training
Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Engineering Control
Engineering Training and Assessment
First Aid Training
CPR Training
Emergency Preparedness Training
Quarterly Safety Meetings
Healthcare Compliance and Waste Specialists

Our team of innovative engineers, doctors and compliance specialists are dedicated to environmental protection as we continue to lead the efforts for safe disposal of sharps and other forms of biohazard waste.

We provide our clients with 24-hour support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Regardless of the size of your facility, it is our mission to provide each client with the same level of service and support. We also offer webinars on infection control, workplace safety and OSHA compliance, which include continuing education units for our clients.

Serving a wide range of industries

We don’t only specialize in the healthcare industry. We also serve many other industries who are in need of waste management services:

Road and transportation
Pharmacies – Pharmaceutical disposal
Dental laboratories
School laboratories
Health and beauty
Biotechnology manufacturers
Chemical manufacturers
Byproducts manufacturers
Ambulatory Health Care Services
Ambulance Services
Kidney Dialysis Centers
Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
Outpatient Surgical Centers
Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities