About Our Company

EZ Green Waste Inc. is a biomedical waste reclamation service provider. We have become one of the West Coast’s leading medical waste disposal companies. We offer complete Medical and Chemical waste disposal without the exorbitant prices of our competitors. EZ Green Waste Inc. has an accident free record with the Department of Health Services.

We were founded as an OSHA compliance service provider for the health-care professional, emphasizing service and support. Our full-service programs are designed to help protect our customers and their employees against potential liabilities and injuries associated with the handling, transportation, and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our integrated service includes regulated medical waste collection, transportation, treatment, disposal reduction, and reuse and recycling services. We also offer training and educational programs, consulting services and product sales.

Our Mission

EZ Green Waste Inc.’s mission is to create new possibilities for our customers and our environment, through our exceptional service, support, dedication, and perseverance.  We strive to seamlessly integrate customer support with satisfaction. EZ Green Waste Inc. is forever taking an integrative approach in the protection of our environment.

  • Experienced waste management team.
  • Fast and 100% reliable customer support.
  • 5 million pounds of cardboard recycled.
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.